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Dr.Nattawat talk to Expat members article

.The new innovations in eye surgery

The technology for the eye surgery has improved from the past few years in many things.

We can remove the opaque lens ( cataractous lens ) - that cause the blurred in the elderly patients -

through a very small incision only 3 mm and suction it out by ulrasound machine.

After we remove the instrument out of the eyes the wound close by itself ,no need for  any

stitches or sutures compare to big wound that needs suture for 7-10 stitches.

Not only the wound that is smaller but also the intraocular lens itself t hat improve a lot .

We have a new lens that can see both far and reading

so after opeartion the patient does not need reading glasses at all.

That is a very wonderful thing that we can do to rejuvenate the patient's eyes.

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Dr.Nattawat on Expat Magazine article

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