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FAQ ( คำถามที่พบบ่อย )

Q: Is it painful when we do the cataract operation?

A: No. We can do the operation under topical anesthesia ( anesthetic eyedrop )

 if the patient can cooperate with us ( look straight and do not move th eyes).

In that cases we do not need to patch the eyes after operation.

In some cases we need to inject the local anesthesia to stop eye movement,

we need to patch the eyes for a few hours after operation .

Q: How long does it take for cataract operation ?

A: The real time of operation takes only about 10-15 min. for one eye but we need sometime for preparation before operation .The total time of operation is about 40 min. for one eye.

Q: What is the risk of cataract operation ?

A: The risks of cataract operation are infection,corneal edema ,macula edema etc. 

The risk of infection is very minimal only about 1in 10,000 cases. Most of the cases can be treated with antibiotic eyedrop,oral antibiotic or intravenous antibiotic injection. The risk of blindness after cataract operation is very very minimal.

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